Number 1000!!! Friday, October 28th - Larry H. publishes his one thousandth movie review 1997-2022
Larry H's Second Annual Semi-Scientific Academy Awards Poll
Note: the numbers below are percentages (rounded) of the total vote there were 45 ballots received

Best Supporting Actor

4 James Coburn "Affliction"
17 Robert Duvall "A Civil Action"
42 Ed Harris "The Truman Show"
15 Geoffrey Rush "Shakespeare In Love"
22 Billy Bob Thornton "A Simple Plan"

Best Supporting Actress:

48 Kathy Bates "Primary Colors"
6 Brenda Blethyn "Little Voice"
33 Judi Dench "Shakespeare In Love"
0 Rachel Griffiths "Hilary and Jackie"
15 Lynn Redgrave "Gods and Monsters"
Best Actor:

20 Roberto Benigni "Life Is Beautiful"
70 Tom Hanks "Saving Private Ryan"
0 Ian McKellen "Gods and Monsters"
3 Nick Nolte "Affliction"
5 Edward Norton "American History X"
Best Actress:

20 Cate Blanchett "Elizabeth"
0 Fernanda Montenegro "Central Station"
60 Gwyneth Paltrow "Shakespeare In Love"
20 Meryl Streep "One True Thing"
0 Emily Watson "Hilary and Jackie"

Best Director:

87 Steven Spielberg "Saving Private Ryan"
10 Roberto Benigni "Life Is Beautiful"
2 John Madden "Shakespeare In Love"
2 Terremce Mallick "The Thin Red Line"
0 Shakhar Kapur "Elizabeth"
Best Picture:

2 Elizabeth
72 Saving Private Ryan
13 Shakespeare In Love
0 A Thin Red Line
14 Life Is Beautiful