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Larry H's Fourteenth Annual Semi-Scientific Academy Awards Poll

Here are the results from Larry H’s Fourteenth Annual (2010) Semi-Scientific Academy Awards Poll. The poll was conducted the week of February 21, 2011, The Oscars will be awarded this Sunday night on February 27th on ABC; the hosts will be James Franco and Anne Hathaway.

Last year, this poll was correct on 5 out of 6 of the major categories and it was a two-way race with the eventual winner “The Hurt Locker” getting 25% of the poll’s votes and “Avatar” garnering 36%. This year Natalie Portman (80%) got more than last year’s Best Actress, Sandra Bullock (69%) and Colin Firth (68%) beat last year’s winner for Best Actor for “Crazy Heart” Jeff Bridges (50%.) What does this mean? Portman and Firth will win!

This poll predicts Geoffrey Rush (48%) will beat out Christian Bale (33%) for Best Supporting Actor and Hailee Steinfeld (51%) will best Helena Bonham Carter (22%) and Amy Adams (20%). Larry H. however, predicts that Bale will beat Rush. Best Supporting Actress is too close to call but young Ms. Steinfeld is the favorite.

The poll vote for “The King’s Speech” and “True Grit” were close but Larry H. gives the winning nod to “The King’s Speech.” The results are ranked by percentage of the total vote.

Best Supporting Actor:

33        Christian Bale                        The Fighter
5          John Hawkes                           Winters Bone
5          Jeremy Renner                        The Town
9          Mark Ruffalo                            The Kids Are All Right
48        Geoffrey Rush                         The King’s Speech
Actual Winner – Christian Bale

Best Supporting Actress:

20        Amy Adams                             The Fighter
22        Helena Bonham Carter           The King’s Speech
6          Melissa Leon                           The Fighter
51        Hailee Steinfeld                       True Grit
0          Jacki Weaver                           Animal Kingdom
Actual Winner – Melissa Leon

Best Actor:

0          Javier Bardem                         Biutiful
20        Jeff Bridges                             True Grit
7          Jesse Eisenberg                       The Social Network
68        Colin Firth                            The King’s Speech
5          James Franco                         127 Hours
Actual Winner – Colin Firth

Best Actress:

17        Annette Bening                        The Kids Are All Right
0          Nicole Kidman                        Rabbit Hole
3          Jennifer Lawrence                   Winter’s Bone
80        Natalie Portman                      Black Swan
0          Michelle Williams                    Blue Valentine
Actual Winner – Natalie Portman

Best Director”

10        Darren Aronofsky                   The Black Swan
5          David O. Russell                     The Fighter
35        Tom Hooper                            The King’s Speech
15        David Fencher                       The Social Network
35        Joel Coen and Ethan Coen     True Grit
Actual Winner – Tom Hooper

Best Picture:

5          Black Swan
0          The Fighter
13        Inception
0          The Kids Are All Right
42        The King’s Speech
0          127 Hours
7          The Social Network
2          The Toy Story
29        True Grit
2          Winter’s Bone
Actual Winner – The King’s Speech