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The Brothers Grimsby
Released:  February 24, 2016


“These boys are inseparable; but we only want to adopt one of them; I’ve been searching for my baby brother for 28 years.”  This is yet another movie by the mad genius Sacha Baron Cohen.  Yeah, that’s the guy – “Borat, Bruno, and The Dictator.”  I give him credit for being a genius because his brand of comedy, dare we say entertainment, is so far out there that his ticket sales have made him a very wealthy 44-year-old Brit. 


“The Brothers Grimsby” directed by Frenchman Louis Laterrier (“The Incredible Hulk” and “The Transporter”) allows Cohen to exhibit his magical touch of bizarre funniness and crassness extraordinaire.   Actually, this movie version of Cohen, rather than the mockumentary format is, believe it or not, not as vulgar as I feared.  Sure, the two brothers get caught hiding inside the privates of a wild elephant who is about to mate with a suitor, but who among us has not tried to fade to black to escape harm.  


Star and co-writer Cohen feels compelled to take it to another zany level to gain the upper hand in his in-your-face style of shock humor.  In this spoof on James Bond and the British MI6, he reserves his barbs for “fat people” rather than his go-to targets of race and politics. 


But he has no boundaries.  Rebel Wilson as Cohen’s wife and Gabourey Sidibe,  Banu the Cleaning Lady, were certainly good sports to allow themselves to be the butt of the joke for being large women.


Mark Strong is extremely adequate as little Grimsby brother, Sebastian the Spy, who is involved in an assignation attempt of an international philanthropist (Penelope Cruz) and unfortunately must enlist the partnership of his idiot brother, Nobby (Cohen) while trying to save the world.   Let the madness begin.


I predict that the producers, including Cohen, and directors thought “The Brothers Grimsby” would be a box office hit and they would all get rich by riding the coattails of screwball Sacha Baron Cohen.  Problem:  this is not a very funny movie, character development is nonexistent and the action/silliness is spewed all over the screen without a witty course for the would-be heroes. 


There were only four patrons at my noon showing on Opening Day.  According to my semi-scientific calculations, this will be a dud.  Only the hardcore Cohen fans will bother to buy a ticket and the rest of you normies should wait for Showtime or at least don’t go without a parent or guardian.  Rock ‘n Roll.

Grade 79.  Larry H.   

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