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The Infiltrator
Released:  August 11, 2016
This movie is alive and in theatres opening on July 15th for one reason and one reason only: Bryan “Walter White” Cranston. Yeah, that’s right; the same chemistry teacher turned meth cook created by Cranston in arguably one of the best TV series of all time. But this is not “Breaking Bad;” this is Breaking Bored.
Shame on Director Brad Furman whose only marginally winning production has been “The Lincoln Lawyer” from 2011. The disjointed editing and fragmented story crushed any good vibe that Cranston and fellow undercover cop John Leguizamo brought to the screen. A plot that involves good guys and bad guys of the 1980’s Columbian cartel cocaine trafficking and laundering those piles of Medellin millions is intriguing, but Furman and team took that mystique and turned it into blandness.
Furman lost me in the those vital first three scenes when he had a long-haired mustachioed Cranston decked out in a classic 1985 outfit in the local bowling alley tipping the waitress twenty bucks. Still not sure what that was all about. This film started in mediocrity and dug itself into downright dreadfulness.
Furman’s direction was so lacking, that at times, Cranston sounded and acted as though he was Walter White. That should never happen; Cranston’s better than that. And Leguizamo’s energy and swagger was completely lost in the shuffle. Cranston and Leguizamo could have been electric but their chemistry needed some meth to pump them up and snort them into shape. Sad.
Here’s some good news: Diane Kruger was outstanding as the undercover fiancée to Cranston’s Bob Mazur. Flashback to 2013, Kruger was the gritty and dynamic police detective Sonya Cross in FX’s “The Bridge” where she played opposite Damian Bichir.  I loved that series. And once again Amy “The Office” Ryan was sparkling in her role as a no-nonsense cop. Ryan is currently co-starring in “Central Intelligence” and only three weeks ago I gave her props for her “humor and charm.” Girls – 2 Boys – 0.
I’ve explained before that I will walk out of a movie if I don’t care about the characters and the story is floundering. Actually, I will proudly leave the theatre with a pinch of defiance and a I-told-you-so attitude. But as bad as this movie was, I just couldn’t make an early exit and for that I apologize. Rock ‘n Roll.
Grade 69. Larry H.
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