Number 1000!!! – Friday, October 28th - Larry H. publishes his one thousandth movie review 1997-2022
Hacksaw Ridge
Released:  November 2, 2016
This World War II movie is based on the events of a true American Hero, Desmond Doss, who refused to carry a weapon and was one of the first to be called a “Conscientious Objector.” That’s the politically correct word, but his platoon buddies called him “coward” and other colorful names. Until he saved their bacon by literally carrying them down a cliff under heavy enemy fire from the Japanese during the Battle of Okinawa.
Army Medic Doss is partially remembered as the first American to win the Medal of Honor without firing a shot.
Andrew Garfield played Doss and in my mind, he is one of the outstanding actors of his generation. At 33, he’s already starred as Eduardo Severin in “The Social Network” and Peter Parker as “The Amazing Spider-Man” Parts 1 and 2. I first became a huge fan of Garfield’s when he played Tommy opposite Carey Mulligan in “Never Let Me Go” in 2010. The real Desmond Doss died in 2006 at the age of 87 and I think he would have been pleased with Garfield’s performance.
This is a winner by Director Mel Gibson. The same guy who directed the controversial “Passion for the Christ” in 2004. The 60-year-old Gibson has only directed seven movies; seems like more. With this victory, Gibson will be able to make many more movies. Success in Hollywood is valued above all else so put your money on Mel. And kudos to Mel for hiring his son Milo Gibson to a co-starring role as Lucky Ford.
My girlfriend, Rachel Griffiths, played Doss’ mother; I always like her performances as I’m a big “Six Feet Under” fan and she was the memorable and complicated Brenda Chenowith
There are lots of blood and guts and some rats chewing on corpses so be warned. I didn’t think it was over-the-top, but I noticed more than one person covering their eyes. Hey guys, war is hell.
Hacksaw has grossed $55 million since its opening on November 4th on an estimated budget of $40 million. That’s good math, Mel.
“Hacksaw Ridge” is a very well done World War Two movie. I’m amaze that our appetite for war movies is never-ending. The costumes and weapons were genuine and authentic. Love that World War Two stuff. Happy Holidays.
Grade 90. Larry H.
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