Number 1000!!! Friday, October 28th - Larry H. publishes his one thousandth movie review 1997-2022
Conspiracy Theory
Released:  August 8, 1997
Loew's Theatre at the Fountains. Opening day. $8-10 million first weekend $122 million first year excluding oversees sales is my prediction.

Starring: Mel I've got wild eyes and a large head Gibson. as Jerry.
Julia I've got big lips and you don't Roberts as Alice.

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. You sure got yourself in a fine mess now. There are more "spooks" and "counter spooks" in this flick than your average suspense/conspiracy plot. Pay attention so you will know who to root for. The movie's recipe is: one part "Charly"; one part "Three Days of the Condor"; and one part Love. At times Mel over-does it, but his Jerry is a pretty out of control kind a guy. CIA, FBI, Secret Service, and a few other initials that I did not catch. Everybody is in on it. That Jerry is as slippery as Tony Curtis as Houndini and "they" cannot get a handle on him or his mind. Julia hangs in there and helps us help Jerry which is all we ever want to do when we watch a movie like this: take care of our hero so we can feel good about this whole mess.

Patrick Stewart will replace Jack Nicholson as the actor with the "best cut on the nose since Chinatown". Director Richard Donner uses reflections in windows, mirrors, water, and all kinds of glass to communicate an image and thought simultaneously. Well done. Plot and action are fast- paced and I cared a lot about Jerry and Alice. Caring about the characters is my hallmark in evaluating a movie and the measure and abundance of love is always the tie that binds. W got love in this story. Lots of it. English Patient kind of love without sex.

The odds are 3 to 2 that Mel will get a nomination. His acting was solid and borderline brilliant at times, but the Academy is gaga over handicaps and our boy Jerry suffers from "dementia" which may well be the new ribbon/cause worn at the big show next March. Cliff Robertson won their hearts in "Charly" in a similar fashion that Mel portrays Jerry - a loving, bumbling, embarrassing, mistreated experiment that went haywire.

Grade 93. Larry H.
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