Number 1000!!! Friday, October 28th - Larry H. publishes his one thousandth movie review 1997-2020
Released:  October 2, 1998
Its been raining all day (Oct 6) so there is no soccer practice today. "Hey, Eric, you wanna go see "AntZ"....Have Mom bring you to AMC 24 you out front at 5:00 pm...Ok, Dad, I'm down for that!" This animation movie has been very appealing to him and he's been bugging me about taking him.

"AntZ" is an attempt by DreamWorks to show-off its advanced skills in animation and ability to get an all-star voice cast while showcasing life in a colony of ants that displays human humor without losing the charm of ants. Nice try. Did not work.

The "Z" in "AntZ" is a puny-bodied ant that is a reluctant hero and neurotic personality with the voice of Woody Allen. Now, there's a stretch. One of the other lead characters was a beefed-up ant worker/soldier that had an "Aaaadrian accent" with the voice of - you guessed it - Sylvester Stallone. The princess was Sharon Stone and the Queen was Jane Curtin's voice. The plot involved love between Z and the Princess and a coup attempt by a General with the voice of Gene Hackman who sounded like a whiny "Little Bill" (C. Eastwood's "Unforgiven"). The highlight of the movie was a confrontation between Eric and me involving Gummi Bears - those "yellows" are terrible. A small fight broke out between us and there was some spitting and throwing, but I was able to restore order. It was ugly, but fun. We considered buying some Raid on the way home to give the ants some pay back for what they had done to us.

I did not actually "walk" this movie because Eric wanted to hang in there until the very end just to see how it finished. Good news: 77 minutes. However, I did go out of theatre #20 and sit on a bench for 10-15 minutes to take the edge off my boredom. I told Eric that he had some work to do if he wants to grow up and be like his "Old Man" and he needed to learn the finer points of the "The Art of the Walk." Guidelines to live by:
- If its spit you must quit
- If it sucks save your bucks
- If its no fun start to run
- If it takes a toll then Rock 'n Roll

Grade 65 W*. Larry H. * partial walk
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