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Holy Man
Released:  October 9, 1998
Opening day - the crowd was a little sparse. There were seven of us. Can't fool the public. The backdrop of this almost Capraesque movie is a home shopping network that will do anything to increase sales. The studio stage, control room etc. of the Good Buy Shopping Network is the work and playground of Ricky (Jeff Goldblum) and Kate (Kelly Preston). Ricky is an on-air talent and his sales have been "flat" for months and he is given an ultimatum to do better or else. Kate is a marketing person who has all the answers if Ricky will follow her suggestions. Ricky is the fallen guy that must be rescued by a angel-type person a la Capra and then grow into doing the right thing. The angel type person is the "Holy Man" played by Eddie Murphy. The Holy Man who wears only a robe-like shirt and flowing pants the entire movie is named simply "G". Apparently, he has no past, drivers license, social security number etc. Yet, this Holy Man talks softly and with confidence that all you have to do is "Let go and .......Let God" - negative on that. G says, as he hawks products on the failing network, "Let go and trust your inner desires... and continue your journey." That's not an angel, that's New Wave mumbo jumbo. But the ploy works in this film and convinces the shopping network public and G is on the cover of "Time" and "Newsweek" and yada, yada, yada.

This is not "Touched By An Angel"; it's "Touched By A Baldheaded Eddie Murphy Speaking Feel-Good Lines While Saving Jeff Goldblum From His Sorry Self So He Can Love Kate, Save The Network, And G Can Keep Moving On His Journey." I say "G"ood riddance.

The amazing aspect of this movie is that the acting was outstanding. But the story was sappy, sophomoric, and stupid. The viewers around the country bought "G" shirts with such captions as "G is Good" and "The G Generation" and made statements like "Higher Consciousness...Lower Prices!" Geez.

This is the second movie in a row that I have seen whose leading character had a single letter of the alphabet as a name. Z and now G. I think I will change my name. Rock 'n Roll.

Grade 75. L
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