Number 1000!!! Friday, October 28th - Larry H. publishes his one thousandth movie review 1997-2020
Rush Hour
Released:  September 18, 1998
October 15, 1998, 12:10 pm Loew's #11. I swear I thought it was Friday (Pants on Fire!) Ok, so maybe I was just slipping off to catch a little ole 96 minute movie and I was back at the office before anyone missed me. I needed to laugh.

And laughs is what I got. This movie is a knee-slapper if you, too, are goofy and/or like slap-stick. Setting: LA. Plot: eleven year old daughter of Chinese diplomat is kidnapped by Hong Kong mafia-types and demands $50 million for her safe return. Enter the egotistical FBI who do not want the help of Detective Lee (Jackie Chan) who is flying in from Hong Kong to help out. So, the FBI gets the LAPD to assign someone to baby-sit this Chinese detective and keep him out of their business. The LAPD cop assigned to this silly task is Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker). Tucker plays a jive talking hip-hop cop that does not want a partner including the high-kicking Lee.

Tucker gets in one mess after another and Lee bails him out when possible and the quips between them and Tucker and anyone he comes into contact with are hilarious. Meanwhile, the little girl will be blown up real good unless somebody saves the day.

Jackie Chan's karate/kung fu kicks, spins, jumps, and all around butt stomping of bad guys is a thing of beauty - even if you do not like such foolishness. This movie is fun and does not let the stupid story line get in the way of some good guns, bombs, bad guys, gags, and guffaws. Rock 'n Roll.

Grade 86. Larry H.
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