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Proof of Life
Released:  December 8, 2000
I'm back Jack! I have not been to a movie or the pistol range in weeks and I was suffering from the DT's. But I was not going to let anything (except a large pile of money) get in my way of the 12:15 pm showing of the new movie out today starring Russell "Gladiator" Crowe and Meg Ryan. I got my assigned parking spot at Loew's at the Fountains and one of the workers even held the door open for me as I entered because they were power washing the back porch of the theatre. I like a theatre with clean concrete.

This flick is decidedly mediocre. David "St. Elsewhere" Morse plays the husband of Alice (Ryan) and he gets kidnapped in South America. He works for a mean 'ole pipeline company headquatered in Houston. His employment does not bode well for his plight. Morse plays a good second banana and a victim. He's not handsome enough for Meg, so you know there's got to be some duplicitous stuff going on when K & R expert Russell Crowe comes on the scene to negotiate for the return of the husband. You know what K & R means: kidnap and ransom. Seems these guerillas that pulled off the kidnap actually do it for the money rather than a political statement.

There are some really nice guns in this movie. There's a plus. One scene alone had close-ups of a S&W .357, Beretta 92 FS, and a Glock 17. And the AK 47's, M-16's and shotguns were so cool that they looked like maybe they had been tricked out by my gunsmith Vanden Berg Custom.

Meg is too skinny. She's been working out too much. I could see the muscles and veins. She needs more meat on her bones. The hair is the same, but that body needs an overhaul in the opposite direction.

The story is slow. About one out of five scenes was significant and stirred interest. That's a pretty poor average. There was enough gun battles and bombs to keep me hanging in there, but at times my attendance was a close call. Rock 'n Roll.

Grade 79. Larry H.
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