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The Last Castle
Released:  October 19, 2001
Robert Redford has been out of commission for a while at least on the acting front. In anticipation of this prison/military movie I added Milk Duds to my regular diet of popcorn and Dr. Pepper. That's a sweet combo. Mix the duds with the popcorn in the same mouth full. It will set you free and just when you don't think you can take anymore, then take a big hit of DP. Man, can things get any better. Got my assigned parking spot. If you doubt the authenticity of my "assigned" parking spot at Loew's, please check the web page at

In 1998, I wrote about Redford's last movie "The Horse Whisperer" by describing him as "...he's 61... but his hair is only 30." That was a good line back in '98 so I thought I would share it with you again. Quoting one's own reviews from one's own web page makes one a genuine wannabe movie reviewer thank you very much. This time around, Redford is 65 and his hair is still only 30; how does he do it? And for you over-forty girls out there, the boy has a couple of shots with his shirt off and he still looks good. Not as cute as The Sundance Kid, but still leading man material.

When his shirt is off in The Last Castle, which is a prison for soldiers convicted of crimes worthy of the Dirty Dozen, we see that his back is badly scarred from torture he received as a POW in Vietnam. Redford's Lt. General (three stars) Eugene Irwin also fought in Desert Storm and Bosnia. He is a war hero thrown into prison with run of the mill military felons. The prison is run by a commandant that rules with an iron hand and a lead brain. Killing a few inmates is acceptable to this idiot colonel if they get out of hand. Mr. Irwin, as he is referred to in the prison, does not like what he sees and organizes the prisoners into an uprising. Could have been a compelling story, but it's not.

The director tried to invoke patriotism which would have been a fortuitous plot, but this movie was not patriotic, it was pathetic. Shame on you Robert Redford. The action was slow, dialog uninteresting, and the story line was sappy and silly. But the Milk Duds were awesome. Rock 'n Roll.

Grade 74. Larry H
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