Number 1000!!! Friday, October 28th - Larry H. publishes his one thousandth movie review 1997-2022
Released:  October 22, 2001
I know if Prot (long "o") was from outer space and I ain't tellin'. Kevin "Spacey" changed his last name to "Spacey" just for this movie. That's a lie, but it would have been a good story were it true. Spacey plays Prot the K-PAXian who is in a New York mental institution helping the other loonies with their therapy and the meaning of life all the while claiming to be from the planet K-PAX (all caps) which is about 100,000 light years from earth. Prot is 330+ earth years old. But he looks like Kevin Spacey. Now how can that be?

The shrink that is tending to Prot is Jeff "Starman" Bridges, one of Lloyd's boys and an early favorite to be voted in the Robert Redford Hair Hall of Fame. Bridges' character has a good heart and wants to help Prot with his "delusions" of being from outer space. Prot claims he his leaving soon to return to K-PAX and must finish his report before he leaves. And he tells the other patients in the institution that "only one" of them can go to K-PAX with him. They are very jazzed up at the notion of "leaving" with Prot and vie for his approval much to the consternation of the hospital staff.

Spacey's acting is superb yet again. His body language and costume are worth the ticket. Perpectual three-day growth and sunglasses. The story is suspenseful and kept the audience wondering if Prot was for real or just yanking everybody. Bridges is quite adequate and lends needed credibility to this flick. The audience laughed in all the right places which is a sure sign of a good movie. Notice the lighting throughout the movie.

Now it is time to complain. I saw this movie last Friday night on opening day and am just now getting around to writing this review on the following Thursday, November 1st. My timing has been pitiful. My friend Dianne W. warned me about going to First Colony AMC on a Friday night, but I was desperate and even took Monique H. who sat by me and talked. Obviously her previous probation period was meaningless. I plan to go to the movies tomorrow around noon and get back on my routine. Wish me luck. Rock 'n Roll.

Grade 92. Larry H.
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