Number 1000!!! Friday, October 28th - Larry H. publishes his one thousandth movie review 1997-2022
Released:  November 9, 2001
It's Friday November 9th, opening day for "Heist." I arrived on time to see the first showing at my favorite theatre - Loew's at The Fountains. As I was buying my ticket I looked to my right and saw the manager seated behind the counter near the concession stand typing on his computer. He likes me a lot and gives me a nod whenever he sees me. A sure sign of friendship if ever there was one. Since he is on my way to theatre #12, I stop and inquire in my nicest and most skeptical voice, "hey, how ya doing, I heard a rumor on the internet that Loew's was going to start searching people for pocket knives and guns...any truth to that?" I just love to mention that I heard something on the internet because we all know that the internet is full of it, but something told me that maybe this rumor had roots. The manager, while hanging his head hounddog-like, said "...yeah, we're just waiting on the memo..." I was stunned and said in my most official kiss-my-foot attitude, "you have got to be kidding...I don't like that at all...I am adamantly opposed to that." He retorted "...well, we are only going to spot search people." I don't know what I said after that. It took me thirty minutes to shake it off during the movie before I could fully concentrate on the flick. Anger diminishes my movie-watching skills. You can tell that I'm completely calm now.

I am willing to give up my parking spot which was appropriately reserved for me today. I hope it is not the last time I park at Loew's, but it might be. Bummer.

This terrorist trash has gone too far. Loew's theatres in Stafford, TX. I ain't happy.

I will try to tell you about "Heist." Ah, fahgettaboutit. I can't. The movie is pretty good. Go see it if you liked "Mission Impossible," the TV show not the movie and "The Sting." Gene Hackman at age 71 appears to have made a deal with the devil; the boy still looks pretty good. Danny Devito is good as a second rate hood. Well written with more twists than a bowl full of pretzels. I know that is a trite analogy, but for a guy that is "completely calm," I'm a little on edge. Rock 'n Roll.

Grade 87. Larry H.
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