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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Released:  November 14, 2001
It's 8:30 am November 16th and I am at Loew's Theatre #2. I know that's early, but I got to the office at about 7:40 am and decided "what the heck," I've done some work already - must be time to go to the show; I know it's Friday. Loew's has a Harry Potter showing every 30 minutes and theatre #1 next door had one starting at 9:00 am. Our crowd was about 28 hardy souls. A surprising amount of school age kids. How do you get out of school to see a movie at 8:30 am on the Friday before Thanksgiving?

Yesterday I was not sure I was going to see this movie; told a friend "I don't do voodoo!" That friend, Raleigh J., admitted that he had read all the books and was expecting great things from the movie. Such anticipation and enthusiasm coming from a middle-aged, beer drinkin', East Texas huntin' home boy surprised me. So I started thinking that perhaps I would go. My friend, Charlie C., a card-carrying bench-jumping Christian told me it would be ok since these things were just fantasy. When I realized that they were opening the gates at 8:30 am, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to catch a flick so early. Seemed like I was beatin' the system. So off I went.

This is a kids movie plain and simple. Sure Harry Potter is a full blooded 24 carat wizard who is accepted into the premier school "Hogwarts" exclusively for witches and wizards, but the story is about kids learning about life - loyalty, friendship, courage, fear, battle, good and evil and yes even love. Harry has been orphaned and left to live with his hateful aunt and uncle; he escapes this terrible plight by going to Hogwarts. Before going to Hogwarts he must buy school supplies; you know the usual stuff - a magical wand etc.

The movie is very artfully produced with first rate special effects with music by John Williams. This story is reminiscent of Cinderella, The Wizard of Oz, The Hardy Boys with a heavy dose of Star Wars. Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter is excellent displaying the innocence of The Beaver, the cuteness of Opie Taylor, and the sharp mind of Doogie Howser, M.D. But I did not like any character in the movie. As a general rule, I do not like kids movie. But the kids of America will like it and it will make a ton of money. When I returned to my car at 11:20 am, parked next to me were four school buses from neighboring Stafford school district which caused me to comment out loud "lordy, they're busing 'em in." Rock 'n Roll.

Grade 76. Larry H.
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