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Secondhand Lions
Released:  September 19, 2003
I was feeling good and now I feel better. This was a feel-good movie. I also feel good about my timing. I told my crack staff that I was going to lunch and it might take awhile. I know it's only Wednesday but I've been busy the last two Fridays and had developed a resentment: went to a memorial service for a high school friend on one Friday and my little brother had a heart cath last Friday. I requested John H. to get the doctors to move along rapidly so I could get credit for visiting him in the hospital and still make my Friday movie. He tried but the whole "operation" took too long and alas foiled again. Brother John is doing just fine and will probably out live us all; thanks for asking.

Michael Caine and Robert Duvall are two old codgers living out their lives in rural Texas circa 1959 after having lived an adventurous life in North Africa. The brothers Garth (Caine) and Hub (Duvall) are believed to have "millions hidden away" which brings out the crazy relatives and salesmen hoping to get some of their money. There is also speculation that they were bank robbers. Their skill with shotguns only adds to the tale.

The brothers' floozy niece drops off her kid (Haley Joel Osment) for a "short visit" with instructions to attempt to find the mysterious money. The kid/Walter has never lived in the country and doesn't know a pig from Shinola. But he is endearing and we know that Caine and Duvall are charming so the chemistry is right. The movie is primarily about the relationship among these three. The old geezers admit up front that we "...don't nothing about kids." They eat mostly red meat, no veggies, shoot fish with their 12 gauge shotguns, and buy a "used" lion so they can turn it loose and shoot it.

Garth tells Walter about their Lawrence of Arabia/Zorro past life in North Africa that began with abduction into the French Foreign Legion in 1914, a rich evil sheik with one eye, and a beautiful princess named Jasmine. It's a wild story but fun. And it feels good and it's simple. Rock 'n Roll.

Grade 89. Larry H.
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