Number 1000!!! Friday, October 28th - Larry H. publishes his one thousandth movie review 1997-2022
Sweet Home Alabama
Released:  September 27, 2002
The movies this week were a little weak so I took the advice of a couple of you people (female) and went to this movie because I wanted a sure thing. Reese Witherspoon is from Pigeon Creek, Alabama, but now is a successful clothes designer in New York. She has not been back to her hometown for over seven years. She gets engaged to a rich New York politico who gives her a giant diamond ring. Problem: she is still "married" to her hometown beau - her "soul mate since she was ten." She goes back to Alabama to "divorce" her husband and get things tidied up so she can marry the rich yankee.

She sees all her old high school friends and her parents for the first time in years. I am getting tired just relating this pitiful story. The best line of the movie prior to exiting by Larry H. was mumbled by her father (Fred Ward) to her mother (Mary Kay Place) "...Momma, go get that baloney cake outta the icebox." The movie went downhill from there.

This is why I go see movies on opening day. I am the one that should be telling you people which movies to go see, not the other way around. Reese Witherspoon has a nice chin, but she could not save this lamo screenplay. I stayed a full 55 minutes before I walked out and I am embarrassed I did not leave earlier. I hope nobody saw me in that place. Rock 'n Roll.

Grade 69W. Larry H.
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