Number 1000!!! Friday, October 28th - Larry H. publishes his one thousandth movie review 1997-2022
Released:  October 6, 2004
I went to see some of my buds from my church this morning at a retreat center. I couldn't stay very long since this is Friday. I knew there might be trouble when one them shoved a bible across the table and almost hit my coffee cup and said "...hey, how come you can't stay...gotta go to one of those movies you always go you ever work on Fridays?" Being the pious person that I am, I retorted with "...yeah, that's right, New Testament Breath, I'm going to a movie and I'm doing the Lord's work because I watch these movies and then I share my feelings so others will not have to spend their money unwisely and become bad stewards. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

As I was leaving the retreat center, my boy Wes F. suggested that I see the new Jimmy Fallon/Queen Latifah flick - "'s pretty good." I appreciated his suggestion but I did not think I wanted to see a stupid movie about a Barney Fife cop that loses his driver's license due to incompetence so he pals around with a hip-hop taxi driver that thinks she's driving Jeff Gordon's #24 NASCAR ride built on the frame of Ford Crown Vic.

I got back to the office around noon which is my anointed time to be leaving the office. So, I hurriedly did my assigned tasks in about 15 minutes and then began scanning the show times to choose between the new J-Lo/Goofy Gere movie or maybe even "The Final Cut" starring Robin Williams. But alas, those movies were all starting after 2:00 pm. "Ah, what the heck...maybe 'ole Wes knows what he's talking about" and if I hurry I can catch the 12:35 pm start time for "Taxi." I made it to my seat at Loew's with about five seconds to spare. I was feeling very sassy.

And then the movie began...and I became drowsy... and speaking of God... then the God Bomb Theory kicked in. As a reminder, that theory goes something like this "Dear God, please send a bomb down and blow up this movie (without harming me or the other five people in the audience) so I can get the heck outta here and get on with my life...Amen." Well, the movie did not blow up and I stayed almost an hour in deference to Wes F. but I just couldn't persevere. I forgive you, Wes. Rock 'n Roll.

Grade 65 W. Larry H.
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