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The Incredibles
Released:  November 5, 2004
I got caught by a train on Highway 90 on the way to Loew's, but not to be denied I whipped my silver SUV out of the stalled traffic and sped off and slipped in the "back way" via the Southwest Freeway. Made it in record time considering the obstacles. You kids should not try it.

"The Incredibles" has a very clever premise: Mr Incredible (Craig T. "Coach" Nelson) is a mild mannered guy during the day but also dresses up in a tight-fitting outfit and catches bad guys at night when he is not being Mr. Normal Guy. Unfortunately, Mr. Incredible creates some havoc which causes a few deaths and injuries and so he gets sued repeatedly. What's a superhero to do? Go into the government's superhero protection plan with his superhero wife Elastigirl aka Helen (Holly Hunter) and live a life undercover in suburbia. Mr. I. goes to work for Insuracare which turns down all claims by its policyholders.

Mr I. aka Bob Parr is very sad not being a superhero and working for a crooked insurance company. Instead of dealing with his problem of addiction to super-heroism, he and retired superhero Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) pretend (denial) to go bowling but they really listen to police scanners so they can save people from burning buildings and such. Bob/Mr. I. gets caught up in some shady superhero stuff and ...I don't know what happened next.

I couldn't take it anymore. You people know that I am not prejudice against animation or Pixar. I loved "Toy Story" and "Shrek 1 and 2" but this "cartoon" was too stupid and lacked meaningful character development which I require of my animated flicks. I stayed almost an hour but when the jawbreaker-induced sugar high subsided and my eyes became droopy, I decided that I should also return to my undercover identity in the 'burbs. Rock 'n Roll.

Grade 69 W. Larry H.
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