Number 1000!!! Friday, October 28th - Larry H. publishes his one thousandth movie review 1997-2022
Released:  November 21, 2008
This is the greatest film ever made about vampires and teen love. I knew that my teenage niece Elizabeth B. had read the novels by Stephenie Meyer but I figured they were just another love story for young teenage girls and certainly would not interest a man of my maturity.

Being the adventurous movie guy that I am, I took a chance on this one and was pleasantly surprised; it is shockingly good. The plot is the old story of forbidden love, but a sixteen year old high school junior named Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) living with her Chief of Police dad in Forks, Washington isn't exactly the setting of epic greatness even if she falls madly in love with a seemingly young, handsome vampire named Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson).

Perhaps you remember Pattinson playing the Hogwarts Tri-wizard Champion in the Harry Potter movies and he was also the romantic rival of Harry for the attention of Cho Chang, Harry's first crush. So, Pattinson knows about playing a pretty boy going for the cute teenage girl.

The movie is superbly directed by Catherine Hardwicke and delicately transferred from being a popular novel to the big screen by screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg. It is worth noting that most of the creative and production talent involved in the making of this movie is female. Takes one to know one; a willing-to-die-for love that will conquer all.

Stewart and Pattinson electrify the screen with their glances and passion coupled with just the right amount of vulnerability and beauty. Pattinson's strikingly good looks and memorable eyebrows did not detract from his flawless portrayal of a confused and kind vampire just trying to do the right thing. But what is the right thing? Do you bite the neck of the one you love or do you fight your vampire instincts so your true love can remain a mortal even though her smell is "intoxicating."

Edward Cullen explains to Bella that he has a "special appetite" and that he "never eats or sleeps" yet she falls for him anyway. Perhaps he wins her over with his super-hero strength and quickness or is it that he is the one person that understands her dysfunctional life?

Or is that he has really pale skin and never goes out in the sunlight. Why you'd think he was a vampire? And then again it might be as simple as love at first, I mean first sight.

If you are open to a tender love story and the best baseball game ever played by a team of vampires, then you, too, should give this soon-to-be blockbuster a chance. I can hardly wait for a sequel and mark my words there will be more movies and Elizabeth B. and I will be happy. Rock 'n Roll.

Grade 91. Larry H.
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