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Fever Pitch
Released:  April 6, 2005
It was a close call between "Sahara" and "Fever Pitch". McConaughey v. Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore and the Boston Red Sox. Now don't get me wrong...the Red Sox don't mean diddly to me but they are a Major League Baseball team and Ted Williams did play for them so I opted for baseball and love.

Jimmy (Ben the School Teacher) and Drew (Lindsay the Power Businesswoman) start dating and things are really heating up when Ben admits that he is a "Red Sox Fan." Lindsay can appreciate that a young man might love a sport, but Ben explains that he has not missed a Red Sox home game in 11 years, his apartment is completely decked out in Red Sox memorabilia, and he hangs with other guys that are also Sox freaks...and women in the past have dumped him because of his "addiction" during the spring and summer.

The previous paragraph description of a movie plot sounds lame...and it is. This movie was showing in Theatre #18, one of Loew's big venues; at the beginning of the flick there were a total of three in the audience and only two in the end. And I was one of the two. Some woman walked out and I stayed. What's up with that? The movie was painful and I would have walked out except I'm a romantic sap and small-time baseball freak which kept me mildly interested and occasionally engaged. But I'll never do it again.

This movie should go straight to video. Rock 'n Roll.

Grade 74. Larry H.
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