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The Pink Panther
Released:  January 19, 2006
A very weird Saturday. Yesteday, I went to the following places: Skeeter's (breakfast), Academy, Toys R Us, Star Furniture, Randall's, Ninfa's (dinner), Conn's, The Stein Mart, Office Max, and finally to AMC Loew's Theatres at the Fountains for an eight o'clock showing of Steve Martin's "The Pink Panther." And there was one constant in all of those shenanigans: Monique H.!

You know I don't like going to the movies with the masses, but if Monique H. wants to go out Saturday night for a dinner and a movie, I'm in. We live closer to AMC First Colony, but Dianne W. warned me about going to movies on Saturday night when the teenagers are on the prowl, so we went to my old stomping grounds. And I had to sit by someone (ugh); the theatre was crowded.

And the laughter was deafening. Steve Martin as the bumbling Inspector Clouseau is a riot. His stupid accent is classic. Monique H. and I both came out of the movie trying to outdo the other while speaking Steve Martin French. I won of course with my rendition of "damburgdert." (Hamburger)

The plot has not changed much from the original Blake Edwards movies - Clouseau is chosen by the Chief Inspector (Kevin Kline) to lead an investigation of the murder of a famous French soccer coach who was killed with a poison dart to the "occipital lobe." Clouseau is suppose to fail so the chief can step in and win the French Medal of Honor.

The compulsory foxy chick is played by none other than the foxiest of chicks - Beyonce Knowles. This is all you need to know. If you want to watch slapstick humor from start to finish, then this movie is for you. Rock 'n Roll.

Grade 87. Larry H.
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