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Glory Road
Released:  January 13, 2006
I've had my first cup of coffee this fine Saturday morning and now I'm ready to report my Friday goings-on. I dutifully bought my ticket at the Loew's ticket counter at The Fountains with my gift card from my lawyer buddy Gwen R. and approached the concession stand to purchase my God-given right to popcorn and soft drink when I thought I heard the young man behind the counter say "...welcome to AMC." I was in a hurry so I didn't flinch. Then I took a deep breath, and with a slight tilt of the head, inquired "...what did you just say?" And lo and behold he said it again "...welcome to AMC."

As you well know, I'm not one to call attention to myself so I conjured up the energy to speak in a voice that only 20-30 people could have heard and said rapidly "...AMC...did they buy Loew's?...when did this happen...I didn't know about it...when was the memo?...who's in charge here...I demand to see the manager (a long time acquaintance)...doesn't anybody know who I am?...the young man with a sly smile replied "...yeah, AMC bought 'em out about two months ago but this is the first day we've started saying 'welcome to AMC' and with the changes that have already occurred I'm not so sure it's good." Oh, the wisdom from babes. Of course, it's not good. My two worlds have collided; I was bewildered.

Not to be defeated, I marched off to theatre #3 to watch this movie about the 1966 NCAA basketball championship that starred the first all-black starting line-up. I was a sophomore in high school; March Madness had not kicked in yet, but since I was a star on the second team of the Junior Varsity, I was fully aware of the monumental victory over Coach Rupp's Kentucky Wildcats by the little known Texas Western team from El Paso. Josh Lucas plays Hall of Fame Coach Don Haskins who was the only coach in the mid-sixties with the guts to recruit and rely on black players (7) on a college team. I think this is an "A" movie and the A stands for average. I gotta go now; need to write my congressman. Rock 'n Roll.

Grade 85. Larry H.
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