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Shrek the Third
Released:  May 18, 2007
Shrek the Third is one too many for me. I liked Shrek the First a lot and was ok with the Second, but this one had it's moments but overall was weak.

Now if you are under five, there is great hope for you. I sneaked off to the 11 o'clock show Friday morning and there were lots of small children in Loew's Theatre 17 with me. Theatre #17 is one of those giant theatres (capacity 681) so I sat about half up on my usual aisle seat. I was fortunate to sit mid-level because it afforded me the opportunity to listen to kids laugh and squeal in stereo. There must have been a Mother's Day Out group behind me that seemed quite pleased to be at the movies on this gorgeous Friday.

The moms had things under control for the first hour and then must have just said "oh to heck with it...let 'em rip and roar." I actually enjoyed the kids using their outside voices in the theatre; reminded me of the old days when Eric H. was a crazy kid.

This DreamWorks production is done with class and the music is wonderful, but the story was tired and lacked passion. Shrek the Third will be a box-office bonanza because the stars' voices and the animation are legendary, but as the cashier told Jerry Seinfeld "...I've seen your act and it just doesn't do it for me." Rock 'n Roll.

Grade: NR Larry H.
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