Number 1000!!! Friday, October 28th - Larry H. publishes his one thousandth movie review 1997-2021
Released:  October 15, 2010
Breakfast and a movie. That's what Monique H. and I did on Friday October 22nd. We had a lovely breakfast at La Madeleine and then scampered over to AMC First Colony. I know it's been said that I'm a "Romantic Devil" but breakfast and a movie is just too much! It will be smooth sailing this weekend.

Speaking of the future, this movie is about the hereafter as in the time after you die. Where do you go and what happens? And can we communicate with our loved ones who go before us? Who among us would not like to be able to "talk" to a family member that has predeceased us?

These universally intriguing and spiritually complex questions are not too difficult for Director Clint Eastwood who recently turned 80. The story involves the lives and their connection to the hereafter by a blue collar worker George (Matt Damon), a French TV journalist Marie (Cecile De France) and a schoolboy named Marcus played by Frankie and George McLaren.

Eastwood's opening scene and special effects were riveting and set a tone for the movie that generated great expectations that I was about to see an epic film and surely it would get a nomination for Best Picture. Then Clint slowed waaaay down to methodically develop the main characters and the intricacies of their lives. And the movie came to a grinding halt and the action crawled for more than an hour.

I know that Clint knows what he's doing but he lost me. My audience became visibly bored and the concession runs were increasing. This is not a bad movie and some of you will rave about it, but most of you will be nonplussed because of the painful middle. But don't despair; there is an outstanding ending that saves the movie and wraps up the stories in a neat bundle.

Matt Damon once again showed his huge talent as an actor. It's the first time he and Clint have teamed up since "Invictus" and I doubt it will be the last; surely Clint "The Good" Eastwood can live to be 90+; Matt's a mere 40.

Interesting aspect: the lighting of the sets and the focus on the actors was quite deliberate and effective. Many of the close-ups of the actors' faces were highlighted by only half of their faces in light. The other half of their face was totally dark. I don't fully understand that technique but I found it interesting and it made me pay attention to the half I could see. Maybe that was Clint's angle. He had the money of Kathleen Kennedy and Steven Spielberg to produce this movie so I'm confident that there was enough money to hire the best.

Big winner: Cecile De France. How can you not be a big winner if you are named after your home country? What if her leading man was named Matt America? At any rate, she's a genuine fox and her hair in this movie is killer. Soon, you will hear young women going into hair salons saying "...give me a Hereafter" like that French actress. You should see this movie at the theatres even though you might enjoy it more the first time you see it on HBO or Netflix. Rock 'n Roll.

Grade 87. Larry H.
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