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War Horse
Released:  December 25, 2011
Spielberg wins by a neck.  This World War I drama about a courageous, beautiful horse has the magnificent splendor of “Gone With the Wind,” the emotional texture of “Field of Dreams” and the bloody reality of “Saving Private Ryan.”    Spielberg is back and so is his buddy Kathleen Kennedy who is the coolest Executive Producer in Hollywood.  Ok, coolest female producer.
Here is a blurb from Wikipedia about film producer Kathleen Kennedy: “ She was born in 1953 and in 1981 she co-founded Amblin Entertainment with her husband, Frank Marshall and Steven Spielberg.  She is known for producing Jurassic Park films and E.T.; she is the second-most successful film producer of all time after Steven Spielberg with domestic box office receipts of just over $5 billion.”  In 1981, I might have been persuaded to form a film- producing company with Steven S.; I’m not a thousand percent sure but I’m darn confident that I could have raised some cash for that endeavor.  Call me, Steven.   Anyway, I’m amazed at the number of movies produced by Kathleen Kennedy, so if Steven won’t call me, KK, will you call me?
This touching story begins in Devon, England, as The Great World looms on the horizon and the Germans are surely about to attack the rest of Europe and force the British into the Kaiser’s war.  Meanwhile, young Albert’s war-torn father buys a horse that appears to be a horrible investment.  Albert names the horse “Joey” and they bond quickly and become close in spite of the doubters.  Good times don’t last long before Joey is sold to the British military and off he goes to fight the war in the Calvary.  Albert is too young to join the British military so Joey and Albert tearfully part ways.
And by this time, I have already had five sets of goose bumps; this movie ripped my heart.  I loved this movie.  And here is a list of the things I liked about “War Horse:”
Acting, editing, cinematography, script, music, and directing.  This film is my current pick for Best Picture of the Year 2011; nominations will abound.  Spielberg and Kennedy and Harrison will be extremely happy  when the accolades start rolling in; it has already garnered a Golden Globe nomination.  Spielberg, Kennedy, and Harrison, oh my, I can see it now – The Sugar Shack Shows!  We’ll have to work on our brand, but I have some ideas we can kick around.  I’m so excited.
The movie is 146 minutes, so you should eat your ham and potato salad early Christmas Day, take a short nap, then catch a three o’clock showing of “War Horse” which opens nationwide on Christmas Day.  I’m just going by saying, but I think I can get along with Steven and Kathleen; I’m willing to listen to their ideas, too, so long as we make quality movies.   Rock ‘n Roll.
Grade 94.  Larry H
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